Man's fulfillment by sport

The greatest asset which the club invests in are people , beginning from the earliest age until the consecration in the sporting life. By sport, Juvenes S. C. gives people freshness, youth, joy of performance and success, a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Developing a sporting spirit

The premise on which the club is building its identity is the power of example. First, the model of education that coaches, real mentors, provide, then human relationships that develop among club membership, in a climate of positive competition, characterized by fair play.


The club aims, first of all, to instill confidence among its members! Confidence in both the working team of the club, as well as in their own aspirations! The project itself involves an institution that cultivates the noblest virtues, by educating citizens joined to moral values of public citizenship.

Equality of Chances

All the sports lovers are invited to attend the club. Each member will be supported and encouraged to discover his own route, which to legitimize him as a sportsman for the whole life.