Local attractions

In Tîrgu-Mureș there are numerous wonderful places to visit, from historical monuments to public cultural institutions and parks. Once in town worth climbing the Corneşti Heights, where you have a wonderful panoramic view over the city or visit the Square of Roses, the main city square, where also you can find the Ascension of the Lord Cathedral. Also in Tîrgu-Mureș, you can admire the buildings and architecture of the City Hall, the Palace of Culture or the Prefecture. In the downtown area is located the tower of the former Franciscan church, the Medieval Fortress, the Rákóczi scale, and the „Status Quo Ante” Synagogue.


The Zoological Garden is one of the main tourist attractions in Tîrgu-Mureș and the surrounding areas being the largest of this kind in Transylvania. It is located at the Corneşti Heights, in the “Great Forest”, which provides ideal conditions for the animals living there. The zoo hosts about 500 animals of different species from fishes to birds, reptiles to mammals. Inside the Zoo besides the folds and pavilions, which are harboring the animals, there is a small botanical garden.

Culture Palace

The Palace of Culture is one of the most significant cultural institutions in Tîrgu-Mureș. This was built in the early twentieth century and is one of the representative buildings of Belle Époque period in Transylvania, both because of its role in the cultural and artistic development of the area, and because of its architecture. The facades of the palace are decorated with mosaics, bronze and stone reliefs, frescoes and stained glass. Here is located the most powerful church organ in the country, where Romanian and foreign artist with international fame have performed.

Weekend – resort

The Weekend-resort is another tourist attraction. During the summer this is one of the most visited resorts in Transylvania, people from all areas of Transylvania come here to relax, because of its size and facilities at European standards. The Weekend-resort includes Olympic swimming pools, pools with slides, children’s pools, sunbathing areas, land for different sports, as well as numerous dining areas and accommodations.

Medieval Fortress

The Medieval Fortress is a fortification built during the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries. It has pentagonal shape and seven bastions. There is a Protestant church among its high walls. The fortress is where various cultural events and sightseeings are organized, appreciated by thousands of visitors.